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Furneaux Museum – The Flinders Island Museum

 The Furneaux Museum on Flinders Island is managed and cared for entirely by the volunteer members of the Furneaux Historical Research Association. The museum is located at 8 Fowlers Road Emita. It showcases the cultural and natural history of the Furneaux Group of Islands..


What is the Furneaux Museum?

 The museum is a cluster of seven buildings which are themselves exhibits. Included is the one time private school and residence of the first government subsidised teacher on Flinders Island; 'Dryazell' which is still set on its original site and was the first Museum building. Another building is the replica of a Mutton-bird processing shed as used 1920-1948. There are also a Nissen Hut and Works Office building from the post World War II War Service Land Settlement Scheme. The biggest and most recent building is the main exhibition building which houses an office reception area and a large space for special exhibitions. The exhibition topic changes six monthly  

Photo of the Main Building at the Furneaux Museum on Flinders Island

What is on display at the Furneaux Museum?

Artefacts from some of Australia's earliest European settlement (contact), such as an anchor from the Sydney Cove, wrecked on Preservation Island in 1797.

The grim history of the Wybalenna settlement is recorded in the Aboriginal Room

An exquisite collection of Aboriginal shell necklaces

Relics from many of the shipwrecks that occurred around the islands are housed in the Nissen Hut

The Mutton Bird Shed gives an authentic glimpse into an island tradition Other exhibits demonstrate geology, fauna, shells and bird life

Artefacts from the early pioneering life of the islands

A collection of albums containing photographs and documents that covers all aspects of life in the Furneaux Region

Approx. 2,000 images, 1,200 documents, 1,500 objects

Photo of some of the historic buildings that make up the Furneaux Museum on Flinders Island

 Muttonbird Harvesting

 The replica Mutton-bird processing shed is as used in1920-1948. This shed contains original artefacts donated by Frank and Heather Willis whose family have been Mutton birding for well over 100 years. Mutton-bird harvesting is also a (an integral) part of the culture of the indigenous people of the Furneaux.

The Second Australian Settlement

When the 'Sydney Cove' beached on Preservation Island in 1797 it brought about the establishment of the second permanent European settlement south of Sydney, at Kent Bay, Cape Barren Island, by sealers in 1798.  Mathew Flinders brought the news of the Kent Bay settlement to Sydney.

The establishment of Australia's first export industry

It is not a very well know fact that the Furneaux Region is the site of Australia’s first export industry.

What was Australia’s first Export Industry?

 Australia’s first export industry was sealskins and oil.

When can you visit the Furneaux Museum?

Summer Hours: From Boxing Day up to and including the weekend after Easter, the Museum is open from 1.00pm - 5.00pm daily except Fridays (closed)

Winter Hours: Thereafter until the end of September: 1.00pm – 4.00pm Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Spring Hours: From October to Christmas Eve: 1.00pm – 5.00pm Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (closed Christmas Day).




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